Auditors of Corporate Security


Internship in the Auditors of Corporate Security for university and college students.

When applying for a job, all employees look at the already existing (confirmed) experience of a specialist. Without this experience, the applicant has few opportunities for employment.

ACS Group accepts students from colleges and universities without work experience for the ACS internship.

You get a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and knowledge from your mentors.

Internship program from 2 to 5 years.
We will employ the best heads and hands.

Applied areas of Internship:
- office work,
- jurisprudence,
- engineering systems,
- information technologies,
- security systems.


In the current realities of rapidly changing technologies, it is necessary to constantly improve their knowledge and practical experience.

Paid training in any direction costs about 90 thousand rubles for the basic level. In order to pay this amount, you need to have an income of 180 thousand rubles per month.

AKB Group has developed an internship program in which you (as an intern) get practical experience and knowledge and real practice, but do not receive a salary.

This is a unique opportunity to learn and gain experience and knowledge in your chosen field - you become assistants to your mentors.

What does the Intern get?
- practical knowledge and experience,
- specialized training at the expense of the ACS Group of Companies (investment in the training of one intern of about 1 million rubles per year),
- obtaining real practical experience and knowledge in the subject area,
- writing in the resume about practical work experience,
- work for experience and knowledge,
- recommendations after the internship for further or parallel employment,
- mentoring by employees of ACS Group of Companies.

Intern Obligations
- training contract from 2 to 5 years.

Requirements for admission to the internship of AKB Group of Companies:
- over 18 years of age,
- recommendations from the place of study (work).