The Auditors of Corporate Security


The main direction of the services provided is to advise and support investors, owners and entrepreneurs throughout the life cycle of the organizations: from creation to liquidation.

The knowledge and practical experience of a team of professionals allows you to protect enterprises and organizations from business risks, as well as contribute to the growth and improvement of business efficiency.

The main list of services provided:

- Transaction support.
- Risk management.
- Asset management.
- Mediation (reconciliation of the parties to the dispute without judicial intervention).
- Settlement of corporate disputes.
- Commercial disputes.
- Due Diligence.
- Express business diagnostics.
- Notification of force majeure.
- Judicial representation.
- Legal support of business.
- Legal analysis of the situation.
- Preparation of a legal opinion.
- Legal advice.
- Online consultation.
- Corporate security audit.
- Audit of the Compliance system.
- Verification of the counterparty.
- Increase the profitability of the business.
- Corporate Secretary.


The full list of services is presented in the Catalog

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